Manila Masters
Joona Puhakka
  • Joonab
  • Current Team BlueWhites CSGo Academy
  • Player Age 17
  • Ingame Role Captain, IGL

Player Bio

Joona is a 17 year old electronics and electrical student, and he works at subway in addition to school. He's been scout and played basketball all of his life. He really enjoys traveling and moving around in nature. Joona's career as a player began in 2020, when he joined his first csgo team under Turku Game Academy, and his role at the time was IGL. after about six months, the team switched to another TGA team where he got to try out more freer rifle role. Today he is our team IGL. So hes experience of competitive gaming for about a year in cs, and before that he actually played FIFA at finnish top level for about 1.5 years.