Manila Masters
Kasper Normiala
  • KappaBeetle
  • Current Team BlueWhites LoL
  • Player Age 19
  • Ingame Role ADC

Player Bio

I'm a 19 year-old guy from Rauma, Finland. I started to play league about 9 years ago on EUNE. My 1st rank was silver in season 2. For a long time I mostly played normal games and custom games with my friends. I started to tryhard and climb in ranked in season 7 as and ADC main and I got to diamond 5. In season 9&10 I reached and stayed in challenger for a long time. In season 10 I peaked rank 45 with 733LP on EUNE. I've now started to play on EUW more. I'm a Draven main and hes my favourite champion. Some of my other favourite champions I like to play are Kai'Sa, Twitch and Xayah