Manila Masters
Akseli Hakonen
  • Catfish
  • Current Team League of Legends
  • Player Age 26 (23/03/1996)
  • Ingame Role Head Coach

Player Bio

Akseli ”Catfish” Hakonen is the most experienced member of the BlueWhites’ League of Legends roster and the head coach for the team. He has been studying the game already for over 10 years and has always been interested in the competitive side of the game. When Telia started giving opportunities for Finnish League of Legends scene, Akseli took his first opportunity and steps on his coaching career. He has been as an active League of Legends coach for 3 years now and alongside that Akseli has also worked with the competitive side of Teamfight Tactics as a coach.

Outside of his esports career Akseli studies information systems science in Jyväskylä university.

”We will go far with our current roster. NLC 2nd Division is not too far away.”

- Nordic Dogs (2019-2020)
- Team PHZ (2020-2022)

Achievements (as a coach):
- TES Finland Summer 2020 (4th)
- NLC Fall Open 2020 Qualifiers (2nd round)
- TES Finland Spring 2021 (3rd)
- TES Finland Summer 2021 (5-6th)
- ESML 2021 (3rd)
- Finnish Winter Showdown 2021 (1st)
- NLC 2nd Division Qualifiers (4th round)
- NLC 3rd Division Regular Split (1st)
- Finnish Championship Cup 2022 Regular Split (1st)