Manila Masters
Mikael Wikman
  • Azura
  • Current Team League of Legends
  • Player Age 21 (12/02/2001)
  • Ingame Role Jungle

Player Bio

Mikael ”Azura” Wikman competed previously at a high level in Alpine skiing that includes three Finnish championships and other success on international level but due injuries he had to look for other options. Mikael decided to bring his competitive spirit and his supportive personality to the esports when he found out more about the League of Legends competitive scene.

Mikael is experienced player on multiple different roles and has participated in tournaments abroad as well.

”A loveable and sympathetic personality. Azura loves animals and is full of joy. A very intelligent player as well.” - Akseli ”Catfish” Hakonen (head coach)

- Endzone (2019-2020)
- CRG (2021)
- Arctic Kings (2021)
- Demise (2021)
- ERN ROAR (2021)
- Team PHZ (2021-2022)

- Finnish Winter Showdown 2021 (1st)